📢 Announcement | Dragon War Event | We need your feedback📣

Aug 09  Dragon War  

👉 We are all ears, please give us your feedback and idea on Dragon War game. Dragon War has launched the Mainnet version so far 🔥 And if you entered the game on the web, downloaded and played Drago

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Announcement of the next $ERA Token release

Aug 07  Dragon War  

Dragon War has announced details of the next token release. It had previously been announced lightly that the Dragon War plans to launch a second token representing the project, which was set in line

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A magical creation — Vigorous Dragons | Where do they come from?

Aug 05  Dragon War  

Dragons, the legendary mascot with extraordinary power, are critical in creating fiery battles in Dragon War. They, represent an age of immortal warriors stepping out of the fire and blood of war in D

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The charisma of a turn-based Game. Get to know!

Aug 03  Dragon War  

Our heroes, recently we are working on building our class turn-based game and we have been pitched to share with our community the question of “turn-based, how’s it fascinating”. Let’s start with get

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Is there a SAFE way to INVEST? Easy to do, and easy to earn?

Jul 28  Dragon War  

With the market changing in a difficult situation and full of inflation, earning a daily income is everyone’s concern. Do not miss this article if you also have the same question and also want to earn

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Token Utilities in Dragon War

Jul 21  Dragon War  

Dragon War is represented by the token, which is considered the highest return-on-investment currency in the Dragon War World.To help Heroes understand more about $DRAW and its practicability, Dragon

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How does Dragon War make you earn 1 – 1,5$ per day?

Jul 17  Dragon War  

Income from daily work can only help you to sustain your life, believe me, you can’t get richer if you just maintain a single job. Even in some areas, it is very difficult to find a good job that pays

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🚀 Dragon War x Racefi - A long-awaited partnership!

Jul 15  Dragon War  

Dragon War proudly announces our new partnership with Racefi — The first car racing game on the Solana Ecosystem where players can earn while enjoying various game modes to satisfy the thirst for spee

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Save the best for last!

Jul 13  Dragon War  

It’s finally here. Our heroes, set eyes on Dragon War | Official Trailer! See our Mainnet Official Trailer on Youtube: https://youtu.be/N8gw03Skaqk Such an important milestone marks the development of

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Jun 22  Dragon War  

To all heroes around the world, Dragon War Mainnet is official here. Let’s mark it on the calendar. After the resounding success of the Testnet Phase, which the team has just deployed in Q1 2022, the

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