How does Dragon War make you earn 1 – 1,5$ per day?

Jul 17 Dragon War  
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Income from daily work can only help you to sustain your life, believe me, you can’t get richer if you just maintain a single job. Even in some areas, it is very difficult to find a good job that pays weekly/monthly. Have you ever thought about starting with passive income? If not, start reading this article.

1. What is passive income?
This is the most basic concept you should know. There are already a lot of sources talking about this topic, so I will just summarize. Simply put, ‘Passive income’ is money that you don’t have to work hard to earn. Even while you sleep, you can still make money. Passive income works in a way that uses the money to make money, of course in certain forms.

2. What are the forms of passive income?
When you go to work for a certain company for 8 hours/day and you get a $15 salary, you are working in exchange for money. But if you write an ebook, or post a video you filmed yourself on youtube…then you will have a daily passive income depending on the material purchases & ad clicks on the video (probably for the rest of your life,…)

A song composed by you, every time the singer sings you get paid royalties. If a unit wants to use your music in an ad or a video, they will contact you to ask for permission to use the music and will pay you royalties for each use. This is called passive income for life.

A few more forms of passive income that you can refer to:

  • Create Blog
  • Buy and sell websites
  • Sell your information products
  • Basic investment: stocks, shares
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies: NFTs, Gamefi. This is a very popular form of investment, I will guide you in detail later
  • Renting real estate
  • Drop-Shipping (sales without goods)

3. Make money with Gamefi
GameFi and NFT are two relatively new concepts, you can learn them on other platforms. In this article, I only focus on teaching you how to make money with GameFi and perhaps which game to choose.

You can consider GameFi as a form of passive income through investment. That is, you only need to invest a small amount of initial capital, and about 2 hours of gameplay a day, of course. You can get a lot more money than going to work for a certain company.

Let’s start with creating extra income with Dragon War. I will calculate, how much money will you earn every day, every month playing this game!

First, you need 13$ to start playing the game. Complete guide to the Dragon War game, you can see here.
OK, let’s move on to the main topic.

4.1. PvE Mode
You will have 50 stamina each day. Stamina will subtract 5 points if you win a round.

With each win you will:

  • Get 2–5 DRAW
  • 5 stamina is deducted

As such, you will get 20–50 DRAW per day.

Besides, every time you qualify to clear the map and get 3 *, you will also receive a reward chest with a value of 80–220 DRAW.
You will need 15* earnings to get 3 reward chests, totaling 240–660 DRAW per stage. We calculate that after 10 days you will pass 1 stage, equivalent to the number of DRAW you will receive every day is 24–66 DRAW.

4.2. PvP Mode
PvP Mode, also known as Arena, is a form of making money by winning high rankings on the leaderboard. When you enter the TOP 5 strongest players, you will receive from 10–50 DRAW per day.

In total, you will collect 54–166 DRAW. Equivalent to 10% profit from initial capital.

Do you see? Simple and make a good profit. Dragon War is a game that you definitely cannot ignore in this downtrend.

For more information about Dragon War, visit: https://dragonwar.io/

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Dragon War Game is a world-class turn-based strategy game that brings everyone the gorgeous legendary Heroes and vigorous dragons to enter every eternal battle and mode game in a Massive Online Dragon Battlefield.

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