A magical creation — Vigorous Dragons | Where do they come from?

Aug 05 Dragon War  
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Dragons, the legendary mascot with extraordinary power, are critical in creating fiery battles in Dragon War. They, represent an age of immortal warriors stepping out of the fire and blood of war in Dragon War.

Table of Content:
I. All about Dragons
1. Dragon Elements & Classes
2. Dragon Rarity
3. Dragon Skill Slots
4. Dragon Ability
5. Body Parts
II. Where do Dragons come from?
III. Dragon War Chest

Let’s better get a whole picture about Dragons and where Dragons truly come from!

I. All about Dragons
1. Dragon Elements & Classes
In Dragon War, the Dragons will randomly get an Element. Each element has a unique improvement for you, Dragon, as in the image above. Along with the outstanding strengthened progress, they also have when combat against others.

Synergies are a critical part of Dragon War battle strategy. If combined to the right type, you would have more benefits from inner power. You’re not obligated to combine for now, but it will be helpful. Depending on the number of Dragons of the same element simultaneously on the battlefield, you’ll have a bigger bonus. Your own elemental dragon will consist of 5 characteristic attributes: Earth — Fire — Thunder — Water — Wood. The incompatible mechanics in the game are Fire > Wood > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire. They are similar to the rock-paper-scissor game.

The Dragons will also randomly get a class. Each class has a unique strengthening improvement for you, Dragon. Dragon Class will also decide which ability/skill card the Dragon can use. The wise combination between the Dragon’s Class and Dragon’s Element will bring a mighty stat bonus for the Dragon in your team.

2. Dragon Rarity
The Dragons have 3 Available Rarity up to now. They are included: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The Rarity affects the Dragon’s strength. It will limit the number of Dragon Ability’s Ratio, Number of Skill slots of that Dragon,… And with the Higher Rarity of the Dragon, the higher stats come from the Dragon Parts to give a robust base stat of the Dragon than others.

3. Dragon Skill Slots

The higher of Rarity of Dragon, the larger number of Dragon Skill slots

4. Dragon Ability

The higher of Rarity of Dragon, the larger chance of getting a stronger Ability

5. Body Parts
Dragons can be of pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different body parts and abilities. There are also magnified Dragons’ superiority, dignity, and strength, as displayed in index stat, including Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, Critical, and Dodge.

Each Dragon will have 6 pieces of body parts. They include Horn, Eyes, Claws, Chest, Tail, and Rune. Each Body Part will bring a unique stat bonus to increase Dragon’s total strength. With the Version being online, the Rarity of Dragons just has 3 first Rarities, but the Rarity of Dragon Parts can reach up to Epic, with a small percentage of chance when you get Dragons from the Chests.

Dragon’s Horn:
The Dragon’s Horn will define the Crit stat of the Dragon, the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Eyes:
The Dragon’s Eyes will define the Dodge stat of the Dragon, the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Claw:
The Dragon’s Claw will define the Attack stat of the Dragon; the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Chests:
The Dragon’s Chest will define the Defense stat of the Dragon, the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Tail:
The Dragon’s Tail will define the Speed stat of the Dragon, the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Rune:
The Dragon’s Rune will define the HP stat of the Dragon, the number increase is described as below:

Dragon’s Skill:
Skills will have a percentage of casting ratio, meaning in each turn, the Dragon that is equipped can be cast with a consistent rate in the skill’s description. The skills will have 3 levels of rarity, including Common (with White Frame color), Rare (with Yellow Frame color), and Legendary (with Red Frame color). There are several kinds of skills; they may be General — for all Dragon classes and Elements can be used, and for each Class, Element can be used.

The Skill Config Screen — Where users can configure their Dragon’s Skill in the most comfortable way

Dragon’s Ability:
With this Game version, we have General Abilities, with the Basic and Advanced levels according to the 3 Rarities of the Dragon now. Special Abilities (with special power) will be updated soon in the further Game version.
The General Abilities are available now in the table below.

Dragon Formation
Users can place up to 5 Dragons from your team to deploy them on the Formation. And use them wisely with benefit from Dragon’s Classes, Elements, Abilities,… to defeat the enemies. Remember, the result of the battle depends a lot on the Dragon’s position in your Battle Formation.

II. Where do Dragons come from?
To own dragons with their brutal power, users must go through the step of owning the “treasure of Dragon War” — The birthplace of dragons.

Technically, if you want a dragon, you have to open a chest.

Each chest in Dragon War has different functions, so each dragon is also different if it is in a different type of chest.

III. Dragon War Chest
To defeat the enemy, there is no other way but to be stronger than the opponent. Dragon War Chests will be indispensable treasures for you!


Last but not least, the Starter Chest is such a piece of first baggage for beginners after purchasing a hero and getting ready to play.
The users will get one Starter Chest concluding with one Dragon from Common to Rare. When using the mysterious dragon in this chest can increase your chance to defeat enemies for the very first time in this thrilling world with treasure up to 50 $DRAW per day.


Equipping with great skills is a way for you to take the opportunity to defeat your enemies on the battlefield. With Magic Chests, you will receive a random skill when you open the chest. Users will get a random skill after a successful opening. You can only buy a maximum of 30 Magic chests every day.

  • Price: 230 DRAW (At the current market price)


This chest is a new upgrade to equip your dragon team with powerful warriors ready for battle. Users will get one dragon whose rarity is from in common to rare, and the elements are random.

  • Price: 640 DRAW (At the current market price)


Genesis is one of the most precious chests of Dragon War. Users will get a combo of 5 mighty dragons, which has at least 1 Rare Dragon. The rarity is from Common to Rare and the elements are random.

  • Price: 3200 DRAW (At the current market price)

Note: * Freely trade this NFT on Dragon War Marketplace is approved


The treasure that possesses the power of extremely vigorous Epic Dragons is the Exclusive Epic Chest. With each chest owned and opened, the users will get 1 out of 5 dragons randomly with the rarity ranging from Rare to Epic, and dragon classes and elements will appear randomly.

  • Price: 5040 DRAW (At the current market price)

To better prepare your team, it’s not a good idea to miss the Chest Collection of Dragon War!

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