The impact of 5 classes

Feb 28 Dragon War  
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Besides Elements, Classes also take critical roles in defining the power of Dragons. The classes support combat ability in every aspect: Defense, Attack, Health, etc.

Let’s take a look at some impact of classes:

  • Tanker [+15 Defense]:

Every dragon in the Tanker role looks like the guardians on the frontline who are strong enough to defend the troops behind. With the attack from enemies, Tankers will hold back the strike, and save the team from losing Health Points.

Position for Tanker: Frontline

  • Support [+15% HP]:

Support aka Healer is in charge of recovering the HP for the whole troops. If any dragon is about to lose the HP, Support/Healer regain their stamina. It doesn’t fully recover, but at least it helps dragons survive until the last fight.

Position for Support/Healer: Midline, Backline

  • Warrior [+15% Speed]:

Warrior boosts the speed of striking to knock down the rivals quickly. The faster you attack, the more enemies fall. Having Warrior in the troops can make the turn-based slot move faster.

Position for Warrior: Midline, Frontline

  • Mage [+15% Attack]:

Mage boosts combat ability that lowers the opponent’s HP significantly. All the skills of Dragons can be more powerful due to Mage’s impact.

Position for Mage: Midline, Frontline, Backline

  • Ranger [+15% Crit]:

Damage to enemies is our priority in the battle. Ranger influence the critical damage on the opposite, making them fall quickly. Same with Attack, Critical Damage can show the power of our dragons’ troops against the opponents.

Position for Ranger: Midline, Frontline

The position of every class is for reference only. Our Heroes can define your dragons’ class and put them in the right positions you want.

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