Ultimate Modification To Buff Your Dragons

Oct 30 Dragon War  
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Competitive players love to challenge their opponents to battle during the games with the power of dragon warriors.

Good, the Custom Modification Feature of Dragon War already allows users to engage in keeping a lid on their excitement and buff their Dragons, which aims to defeat enemies and head to glorious victory.

I. How many features are in Dragon Modicitaion?
Dragon War currently has 5 features in Fusion, Upgrade, Combine, Release, and Dismantle.

1. Fusion:
A great feature that helps players add more troops to the dragon squad is FUSION, where players will combine 6 different body parts to “cast” into 1 Dragon corresponding dragon species.

2. Combine:
This feature is similar to “Breeding” in other traditional games when it allows you to breed and combine many different dragons to form a new Dragon with a higher level.

3. Upgrade:
As the name of this feature suggests, players will be able to upgrade an existing dragon with a more advanced body part if the quantity and conditions required by the game are met.

4. Release: If in the squad there are unnecessary, redundant, or pre-existing dragons, the player can completely release that dragon to collect body parts and Dragon Stone, which organizes them for a new strategy.

5. Dismantle:
In the process of creating quality dragon warriors, players can dismantle the Body Part to obtain the Dragon Stone, which better suits their strategy and goals.

Guide to buffing your Dragon with Modification:

Overall, that’s such 5 current features in Dragon Modification. More features will likely be added in the future, both in ultimate and unlimited-edition capacities.

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