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Aug 12 Dragon War  
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Having effective stamina management strategies is the key to winning and gaining much.

I. What is stamina?
Stamina is basically a hero’s current health or mana to achieve good battle performance in Dragon War NFT Game.

Dragon War will give each full user a maximum of 50 stamina per day. With each match the amount of stamina will be consumed as follows:

  • 1 Victory fight = 5 stamina
  • 1 Defeated fight = 1 stamina
  • For every 30 minutes, you will be bonused 1 stamina

Note: Each time you join a battle, you need a minimum of 5 stamina. More, stamina does not increase if full.

It is up to the owner to discover and determine the Dragon fights stamina strategy for each race.

If Heroes are too limited for a long time and at the wrong time, it can make you unable to complete the race on the battlefield. If you’re too cautious, you could end up finishing with a disappointing result knowing you didn’t perform at your best.

According to the mechanics of the game, stamina will not increase if you do not let the maximum number of 50 stamina drain. Stamina only increases, when the original capacity is no longer reached. Thus, it is recommended to join the battle continuously until you run out of/not enough stamina to continue gaining stamina.

Follow the guide below to know how to discharge stamina effectively.

1. Sharpen the team:
Farm stamina is also a strategy as we experience farming for money in Map PVE and Arena PVP modes. Join the battle in the game modes in a fierce way so that you not only create conditions for the stamina flow to have a chance to be fully scraped but also let the token flow into your pocket easily.

With 50 Stamina full capacity initially and getting 1 stamina every 30 minutes, you will be able to win more than 10 matches per day (Including stamina recovered for the day).

What you need to do is create a squad with tremendous power and excellent fighting strategy so that the enemy cannot avoid a fatal blow.


  • Tanker Dragon ~ The best candidate for the first line for the ability to attack, defend, and cover for the whole team.


  • A Warrior Dragon — Deadly dangers inside that can beat any opponent before they see the threat.
  • A Ranger Dragon — Who can increase the agility and mobility of a ranger in battle.
  • A Mage Dragon — A Real terminator that can attack critically and blow up any enemy.

Following line:

  • A Support/Healer Dragon — Who is really a supporter which has +15% HP (Restore HP for the whole team by 35% of the caster’s attack)

2. Equip Dragon
Turn your Dragon into the most potent warrior!

Why it’s important to upgrade dragons — the immortal warriors of Dragon War?

  • First, we strengthen our Dragons.
  • Second, we meet the conditions required by this game.
  • Third, we must defeat enemies.
  • And finally, we create a high opportunity to earn more.

Simply when upgrading, your dragon will be stronger. From there it is easier to defeat the enemy as well as earn more. Remember that “Vigorous Dragon — Win fast — Earn more”.

Equip the vigorous dragons
Basically, you need at least 1 dragon to enter brutal fights.

However, the higher the level is, the harder it gets. Strong monsters, the opponent’s advanced skills push you down. That’s why you need to have more Dragons along with high-skilled Dragons.

a. Genesis Chest
Inside Genesis Chest, Dragon War equips you with a combo 5 five Dragons in Genesis Chest, an ideal number for fighters in the battle with a reasonable price, especially with the Rare level.

More benefits when owning a Genesis Chest than one Dragon only for easily making money online 💵
Vigorous NFT Dragons are accounted to the user’s wallet when purchased for a fixed price on our official marketplace.

b. Epic Dragon on ME and Opensea
The Exclusive Epic Dragon collection is minting exclusively only on Magic Eden and Opensea. This is considered the strongest dragon collection at the current Dragon War for the rarity is from Rare to Epic, which comes from the creative combination & mix-matching mechanism of 5 Dragon Classes, 5 Elements, and 6 Body parts. With these dragons, I bet there’s no rival.

Buy now without hesitation on
⚡ Magic Eden: https://me.dragonwar.io/
⚡ Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/exclusive-epic-dragon-solana

Hopefully, this article will be a good overview of the stamina mechanism for you who are interested in Dragon War.

Let’s burn your stamina now: https://play.dragonwar.io/

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