Jun 05 Dragon War  
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Mainnet is a remarkable milestone in GameFi projects. In the upcoming Mainnet version, Dragon War needs to have these requirements below. Let’s check if we had those or not:
✔️The successful Testnets:
Dragon War has already held 2 Testnet in January and April with thousands of players and participants. The Dragon War team has received a lot of requests and updated requirements that would improve the quality of the Dragon War game.

✔️Big community:
In the latest Tesnet, Dragon War received enthusiastic support from over 100 venture capitals, media partners, and influencers worldwide. Moreover, Dragon War has gained more players into the community, increasing the number of participants by more than 100,000 users.

✔️The Dragon War Team:
Last but not least, the team behind the game. We have grown a lot from every milestone and gained experiences throughout the developing process. We have listened to what users talk about and never stop doing that. We have improved our game every day and try to give the best turn-based game on Solana. To sum up, we’re working hard for the best quality.

🏆There also other achievements that users can see at: https://medium.com/@dragonwar/dragon-wars-highlights-in-may-4090cd089846

All three conditions that Dragon War has achieved in the past time. Thus, Dragon War is qualified to make a successful Mainnet.
Stay tuned and update Dragon War’s latest news on our official channels.

About Dragon War

Dragon War Game is a world-class turn-based strategy game that brings everyone the gorgeous legendary Heroes and vigorous dragons to enter every eternal battle and mode game in a Massive Online Dragon Battlefield.

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