May 29 Dragon War  
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Dragon War will have various kinds of NFTs, including Heroes, Dragons, and Skills,…Users can use these NFTs in the game to earn HUGE rewards- with a lot of benefits from many Game modes:


All NFTs can trade on Dragon War’s Marketplace with DRAW tokens. Heroes go to the Marketplace to pick and then purchase your suitable NFTs such as Heroes, Chests, Dragons, and Body Parts for the battle. The higher the price, the better NFTs. All your items from Marketplace can strategize to increase the power that leads to achievement in the game.


Dragons play a vital role in defeating the enemies. Your formation depends on Dragon Elements, Classes, Body Parts, Rarity Levels, Skills,… The more powerful Dragons are, the higher chance of earning tokens. Especially, the token will affect the ROI you gain. In conclusion, if you want to be the master in the Dragon War, your NFTs must be on the next level.


Heroes must not only focus on earning but also ranking in the Dragon War. In the PvE mode, you must cross a lot of maps to earn the rewards. As you rank high in the upcoming PvP mode, the rank will decide your rewards.

That is how you know the utility of NFTs in Dragon War. This is only the first explanation of NFTs, the Dragon War team will update more in the future. Stay tuned and follow our official channels for the latest news.

About Dragon War

Dragon War Game is a world-class turn-based strategy game that brings everyone the gorgeous legendary Heroes and vigorous dragons to enter every eternal battle and mode game in a Massive Online Dragon Battlefield.

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