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We are sure you may have heard of the four famous heroes of Play to Earn Gamefi — Dragon War, but this is going to be an article that gives you a complete look at our heroes.

Choosing a Hero for yourself also needs to be researched to know which hero will match your personality traits as well as help you become a coach for the undefeated dragon team on all battlefields of Dragon War.

Heroes, even though they stand beside, play a huge role in leading and supporting Dragons. A Hero can get a random Speciality when the User buys them. The Speciality can be various bonuses to the Dragon team, like Increase Dragon’s skills, Increase Dragon’s stats, etc:

With the plot of the Game, each Hero will bring unique power according to their Race.


The Human took over the most fertile land, located in the North of Eragard called Darmid. Darmid was surrounded by a huge ocean. Thanks to their emperors’ outstanding wisdom and great leadership, the area was becoming more and more prosperous with splendid palaces, giant fortresses, and huge strongholds around the Darmid land. They could build up their fabulous kingdom which was of every emperor’s aspiration. The Human race desired to expand their domain and disseminate their beliefs and thoughts. The current monarch was Queen Kyla who was leading in the unity of the four races and assisting other kingdoms to command/lead raise Dragons and protect their country against Morgoth.


The Elf race lived hidden deep in the forest spirit in the land called Flamheim, where the elves are a legend. As one of the oldest races of Eragard, it was said that the Elf race is the only extant race that had ever seen the Goddess of creations. And it looked like they’d learned some of her magic. The elves’ magic is all related to nature, they lived in seclusion watching the splendor and destruction of many races in this Eragard world. Elves were very skillful when using ranged weapons such as bows, and crossbows and had the best speed of Eragard. The Elf race was ruled by Queen Vanessa and they made a big contribution to training the warriors on how to use ranged weapons when controlling Dragons.


The Wizards had a territory in Vanirm. The land of Vanirm had an interesting geographical position when one side was bordered by the sea close to Darmid, on the other hand, was surrounded by the majestic Sephera mountains separating Jotun on the flank. This land was said to be the intersection of the elements and was the source of ancient magic. That was also why the Wizard race was very knowledgeable and adept at magic. The Wizard race was ruled by Magna, in the war against the Demon Lord, the Wizard race contributed to teaching other races about spell skills that increased the Dragon’s endurance in battles.


The Orc had their territory in Jotun lying close to the border of Vanirm, behind the Sephera mountains. This place was mainly ice, jungle, and always covered with fog. The Orc race was said to be the most aggressive race in Eragard because of its strength, abundant physical strength, and strong will to fight. The Orc race was ruled by Vengeance and made a big contribution to training other races to increase their physical and mental strength in Dragon training.

For more details, go through the tutorial videos and the terminologies in our public documentation.

Dragon War is a Turn-Based Strategy Game based on Blockchain technology. In this game, you can Buy Heroes, Summon dragons to form a team to battle with NPC in PVE Function or another player in PVP Functions. You can earn token rewards from various activities in-game, and with the Marketplace, users can trade their NFTs with another user to get the token benefit.

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About Dragon War

Dragon War Game is a world-class turn-based strategy game that brings everyone the gorgeous legendary Heroes and vigorous dragons to enter every eternal battle and mode game in a Massive Online Dragon Battlefield.

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